Term 4 week 5

Hello :) 

We have had an amazing week this week in Oak Class with school trips and outstanding learning. 


This week in literacy we have been looking at punctuation. In KS1, we are developing our knowledge of punctuation and how to edit our learning to ensure that it is correct. Today we have been planning what we are going to write about in regards to our museum trip earlier this week as we will be writing recounts of our trips next week. 


In maths this week we have been looking at capacity. We have been looking at the difference between capacity and volume and also comparing different units of measure using <,> and =. We have used different containers and water to measure out varying millilitres and litres. 

We have won the TT Rockstars for the 5th week in a row which is an amazing accomplishment! Oak Class are now determined to win it for the whole term! I am incredibly proud of Oak Class and all their amazing efforts with their times tables recall. 


This week in science we have been looking at different habitats and how animals adapt to live in those environments. We have explored our local environment and discussed the different animals that inhabit our school grounds. 

As part of our history learning this week we visited Maidstone Museum. We went there to explore a significant historical event in our locality which was the discovery of Iggy the dinosaur! Oak Class explored the museum and were able to articulate all the amazing new knowledge they had learned.