Term 4 week 4

Hello :) 

Oak Class have had a fantastic week, especially in their literacy lessons!


This week we have written our very own stories based on our focus text 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark'. Using this story, Oak Class have picked their own animal character, picked a fear and written all about their chosen animal meeting new people, making friends and overcoming a fear! The stories that have been written are amazing and it was lovely to share these with parents during parents evening this week. 

In addition, we continue to look at handwriting and letter formation in our books. Phonics and spelling strategies are starting to become embedded in Oak Class and I am starting to see a lot more independence when it comes to spelling ambitious words too which is amazing! 


This week we have been looking at mass. Oak Class are able to confidently explain what unit of measure we use for weight and can compare different mass using <,> and =. They are able to read and use scales effectively, looking to see what the scale is going up in and have linked this to their knowledge of times tables, halving and doubling.

To finish our unit on mass, we spent Friday using scales and making cakes to help us see how scales and weighing things can be used as an everyday skill in life. 

TT Rockstars 

For the fourth week in a row, Oak Class have won the TT Rockstars cup! I am amazingly proud of the hard work the children are putting in at home to support their times tables and I am seeing this at school when they are applying their knowledge to their learning. 


In the afternoon, we have been really busy. We have been exploring a significant event in our locality linked to our school trip next week. In Oak Class we have been learning all about the discovery of Iggy the Dinosaur and what we now know from this discovery. We will be taking our knowledge out of school next week when we visit our local Maidstone Museum to see the cast of Iggy's bones and continue to expand our knowledge!

In Science we have been exploring microhabitats. Oak Class understand that all animals need a habitat and are able to identify different habitats and the animals that they might find there. We focused on microhabitats this week, exploring the school field and discovering some minibeasts in their homes. We linked this to our maths knowledge of pictograms and created our own tables of what minibeasts we found in their microhabitats! 

In R.E. we have continued to look at scared texts within Christianity, Islam and Judaism. We learned about the story of Noah's Ark this week and how this story appears in all three texts.