Term 3 Week 5

Hello all :) 

Wow what a creative week we've had! The children have thoroughly enjoyed using the iPads to make films and completing cross curricular science and DT learning using a range of materials to design and create such wonderful toys! From hotel sets, to xylophones, from puppies to dolls, rockets to dinosaurs. I am so amazed by the level of creativity in Ivy Class! :)

So what else have we been up to:

In literacy, we started off the week identifying various phonemes and graphemes, applying these to words and then having a go at writing a range of sentences with adjectives and conjunctions. Then we planned what we were going to perform when making our persuasive TV adverts to buy Traction Man (our focus text!) The children came up with very exciting and persuasive adjectives. We then rehearsed our adverts in groups, learning to sequence sentences verbally so we were confident and coherent. Once we had a practice, we got the iPads out and had a go at filming; their TV adverts are absolutely AMAZING! Great teamwork, acting and persuasive sentences! :) 

In Maths, we've had a busy week comparing groups of numbers, objects, ordering numbers and identifying one more, one less and using language of more than, less than, equal to, fewer and most. We have been working with numbers to 50!

In PE, we continued gymnastics; we worked on different types of jumps and balances and how we could incorporate these into group-learning. We are ready for the Olympics!

In RE we enjoyed learning about the Passover story in Judaism. We asked lots of questions and were excited to retell the story!

In DT, as mentioned earlier, we designed and created some fantastic toys; crossing over with science, we had to design the toy, retrieve our knowledge about materials, thinking about their properties and decide on which material was fit for purpose. We then had to create prototypes and then make the final piece! Great learning!

After an incredibly creative and practical week, the Ivy team hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Reminder: please remember home learning is set through TTRockstars/ NumBots, Spelling Shed and Oxford Owl.