Walnut Class Term 4 Week 5

Walnut Class had an awesome week filled with loads of positive learning activities! They have shared their best moments of this week's lessons during our weekly class conferencing.

During Literacy we have planned a descriptive narrative. Children have used great literary devices to create a good plan for their narrative. Today, Friday, we started our descriptive narrative opening for our Hot Write.

Our Year 3 learning about mass continued this week and then half way through the week, we started our learning on capacity. The Year4's continued their learning about fractions and decimals.

In our RE lesson we created mini books about Ramadan.

During our MFL lessons, we explored the different ways we greet people in Spanish and how to use basic Spanish to communicate with each other. We used the 'Language Angels' program to support us with the pronunciation of the words.

Our DT lesson contained so much fun learning too. We tried out some fruit that we plan to use in our fruity smoothies next week. We have mashed the fruit and added lemon to find out what might happen and how it might change the taste. Those who wanted to, added some honey to their mixture. We also added orange juice so we could drink it. We all thoroughly enjoyed our own drinks.

We ended our week on a high note, by completing our amazing murals. We are very proud of our end products. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Jacobs and Ms Stokes.