Walnut Class Term 5 Week 3

We have enjoyed another busy week of learning in Walnut Class!

This week in Literacy, children have been learning how to present facts about carnivorous plants within a non-chronological report. They have used their knowledge of formal language, paragraphs, sub-headings and diagrams to plan their own non-chronological report.

For their Maths learning this week, Year 4 Mathematicians have continued their learning on decimals, to understand that one whole can be made up of a different amount of tenths and hundredths. Year 3 Mathematicians have learnt how to count money and how to convert pounds to pence.

Our Science learning has continued with observations of our viola plants – they are growing well! Children can explain that this is because they have optimum conditions such as: soil, light and water. This week, children have conducted another investigation to ask the question: ‘What happens to seeds placed in different conditions?’  In groups, children prepared two pots of soil with cress seeds which they watered. They placed one pot on the window sill; the other pot was placed inside a cupboard. Children are observing the seeds every day to note changes and to water them every other day. They could explain what makes a fair experiment. In this case, the pots are the same size with the same amount of soil and cress seeds. They are both watered regularly. The only difference is the environment in which the pot is kept.  They will report their findings and write a conclusion in the coming weeks.

For their RE learning, children have discussed ‘what is a moral dilemma?’ looking at examples and discussing what is right and wrong. They have then considered the beliefs of a Humanist compared to different religions. They understand that although Humanists acknowledge and celebrate Christmas and Easter, they do not believe in a God.

Walnut children have mastered their skill of shading during their Art lesson this week. They will use this technique to design their own flower clay model that they will start to construct during this term. They will design their sculpture using inspiration from the Sculptor Peter Thursby.

We finished the week with an amazing celebration for the King's Coronation. The children impressed me with their amazing crowns and hats for our garden party! We had a parade to choose the best crown in our class and Fayha was the winner of this competition in Walnut Class. The whole school had an assembly where the winners of each class stood up and was given a gift by our headteacher. We then sang the national anthem accompanied by Ms Ord. Afterwards we went out in the garden and had cakes and drinks to celebrate, Children were also presented with medals of the King's Coronation. We had a really lovely end of the week.


  • Swimming lesson on Tuesday as usual.
  • School will be closed on Monday due to the bank holiday (coronation)
  • No P.E. next week, due to the bank holiday on Monday.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

From Mrs Jacobs and Ms Stokes.