Week beginning 6th March

This week in Literacy, we have continued reading Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce. We have now encountered desert expeditions and Liam has had some very funny tasting 'Ribena'. We have focused on one of the tasks the group undertook this week - a trip across the Gobi Desert to inspire the dads and children to work well together. The children researched information to include in their non-fiction pieces and could choose a layout that best suited the purpose for writing. We had some amazing pieces that followed the structural layout of leaflets and posters to inform our reader about the Gobi desert. Today, we started writing a diary entry in role as Liam after he had tried on his new space suit (with some very humorous hi-jinx). 

In Maths, Year 6 have been finding percentages of amounts. This will be very useful when they are calculating the price of items in the sales. Year 5 have been looking at comparing and ordering decimals and have now started to use their place value knowledge to round decimals to the nearest whole number. 

In Science, the children have been understanding more about planets and their orbit. They have started to create models to help them visualise the spacing of the planets as well as the comparative sizes of the different spherical bodies. We have also looked at what qualities the different planets have so we can design a Mars Rover in DT. We have considered the different materials and qualities our vehicle will have to have so it will be functional on Mars' rocky surface. Though we would love to make the real thing, we are considering how we can use materials available to us to create our model and try and include movements and mechanisms to replicate the systems on the Mars Rovers that have been sent to space on exploratory missions.