Week beginning 30th January

Another busy week has been and gone. With only one more week before half term, there is still a great amount of learning taking place in Rowan Class.

In Literacy, we applied our knowledge of formal language and letter layout to write to a character in our book The Demon Headmaster. This was a fantastic opportunity for children to showcase their understanding of semi-colons, perfect tense and select the appropriate layout and vocabulary for their intended audience. We have also been looking at spelling words with silent letters and considering ways that we can remember them.

In Maths, Year 6 have now finished with algebra and are moving on to decimals. This week we have looked at place value in decimals up to 3 decimal places as well as how we can apply our knowledge of rounding and addition to decimal numbers! In Year 5, we have now finished our topic of fractions! This last week, the children looked at finding fractions of given amounts as well as how to apply their fraction knowledge to problem solving activities. They are now able to find out what the total is when given a fraction of an amount.

In Science, we have developed our knowledge of circuits and electricity further by looking at series and parallel circuits; we considered the benefits and drawbacks of the different circuit types and used our knowledge to determine whether a circuit will or will not work and why. We also explored dimmer switches using the lead from a pencil to model the effects of a dimmer switch on a light.

We have continued to use Tinkercad to design products and code LED lights. We are in the process of designing a light show that will link all our learning from Science; our product design skills from DT; and our knowledge of coding and debugging from Computing.