Week beginning 2nd May

A short but busy week here in Year 5/6.

In Literacy, we have been summarising myths: Medusa and Perseus. The children learnt how Medusa came to be a Gorgon as well as how she was defeated by Perseus so he could save his mother. The children were identifying the key ideas from the story and writing it in their own words to demonstrate their understanding. They have also been using a range of expanded noun phrases, adverbials and cohesive devices to describe Medusa's appearance and personality. 

In Maths, Year 5 have been learning about angles around a point and how to calculate missing angles. Year 6 have finished their topic on Geometry by looking at nets, co-ordinate grids and reflection and translation. Though it started out challenging, the children were resilient and were confident in their understanding by the end of the week.

Children were able to take part in the democratic process today as they voted for their class trip in the last summer term. As we were a polling station, we were able to use official voting booths and children got to experience first hand what the voting process is like. To celebrate the King's coronation, we had a garden party this afternoon with some fantastic crowns. Congratulations to Star who won best crown! It was incredibly difficult to choose as many of the children had put a lot of thought and effort into their outfits and crowns.

After school today, the football team had a match against Tiger Primary School. The boys were incredibly resilient and worked incredibly well as a team!

Next week is SATs week and Year 6 are invited to come in early and have breakfast in the Gold Room. This will be an opportunity for them to sit with friends, talk through worries with teachers and make sure they are starting the day with full bellies and minds at ease.

We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday; enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.