Week beginning 28th November

Rowan Class have been very active this week! Our trip to the river allowed us to develop our knowledge of bridges linked to our topic Go With the Flow. We took pictures and recorded some videos to make into a film on iMovie. The children were able to be really creative and use our knowledge of different software to present their information about bridges.

In Maths this week, both Year 5 and 6 have been exploring fractions. Year 5 have been ordering, comparing and converting fractions greater than and less than 1. They have really worked hard to understand how to convert a mixed number into an improper fraction. Year 6 have been finding fractions of amounts. We then looked at worded problems that use this skill and, while we found it tricky at first, found that bar models and drawing out the problem was very helpful. We also worked together on Thursday to match up improper fractions and mixed numbers (have a look at the picture) this was a great revision for our Year 6 and helped our Year 5 children solidify their understanding of conversion.

In Literacy, we looked at the poem From A Railway Carriage by Robert Louis Stephenson. We used out knowledge of figurative language and rhyme to modernise the poem and create a vivid image for our reader. 

In Science, we looked at unusual living things and how scientists use language to explain what creatures look like. This is then used to classify them as we are able to look at similarities and differences between these creatures based on the objective description scientists use. 

Next week, Year 6 have the opportunity to go swimming on Thursday! Please remember to bring in appropriate swimming kit and towels. 

There is also a disco at school on the 8th December from 6:15-7.30pm for KS2! See the newsletter for more details.