Week beginning 27th February

Another busy week with many fun learning activities! In Literacy, we have been reading more of our book Cosmic where we learnt that Liam has won a trip to a theme park in China. However, to claim it he needs to pretend to be his father and take his child with him. On his journey, he meets the other 3 winning dads and this week we have been looking at their characteristics and describing each of the dads.

In Maths, Year 6 have been focusing on their reasoning and their arithmetic skills. Whereas, Year 5 have started their new topic of decimals. They have been looking at place value and their relationship with fractions. 

In topic and Science, we have looked at the  planets in our solar system and researched the features of each planet as well as why Pluto is no longer classified as a planet. We have also discussed why people used to believe the Earth was flat and considered the points we would raise to disprove this. 

World Book Day saw some fantastic costumes! The assembly with the whole school showed off the diverse range of books that we read!  Well done everyone.