Week beginning 1st November

Rowan have hit the ground running after half term and jumped into our new Topic of 'Go With the Flow'. This topic is all about how rivers play a vital role in shaping the geography of our planet, providing nutrients, habitats and transport for people, plants and animals, and also supplying us with energy to power machinery and generate electricity. Rivers really are a precious resource and it is important that we are able to understand how they impact and shape our Geography. Today, we were locating different rivers and looking at the physical characteristics of a river and linking our knowledge to famous rivers across the globe.

This topic has great links to our scientific understanding as we will be looking at classifying different animals. We started to look at how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics e.g. mammals, birds, fish. We are going to be building on this knowledge by looking in more detail at Carl Linnaeus. 

In Literacy, we are looking at poetry with a focus on narrative poems. We have stared to read 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes and performed a section by reading with intonation, volume and tone. In the coming weeks, we will be building on our understanding of how you can tell a story through poetry and the figurative language used to create an image in the reader's mind.

Year 5 have been learning how to identify and recall prime, square and cube numbers in Numeracy. It is vital they practice their times tables regularly to help them with their new topic of fractions next week. Year 6 have been identifying common factors, common multiples and prime numbers and have used this knowledge to find equivalent fractions and simplify fractions when needed.

PE this term will be on THURSDAY ONLY. The children will be working with a PASS coach developing their fitness skills followed by Tag Rugby for their games lessons.

Homework this week is on Teams and there is an assignment every week on Spelling Shed.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the fireworks!