Week beginning 17th October

This week, our class had the opportunity to see some amazing historical artifacts at the British Museum!

Through our topic (Time Tunnel) we have been learning about how the movements of people affect the physical and human features of a location. The Anglo-Saxons were the group of settlers we studied and through our map work we have seen how the human and physical features of Maidstone have changed since the Anglo-Saxons settled. At the British Museum, we were able to look at some of the artifacts discovered not only in Kent but across Britain and make some deductions about how they lived their lives.

In Art this term, we have looked at how art is used to record and depict history. Looking at the Egyptian exhibit gave us a real insight into Egyptian life through the images they created. 

Our museum trip also allowed us to understand how we can interpret events to explore the attitudes of people in the past through the objects they leave behind.

Our Topic next term is Go With the Flow. The topic will cover how rivers play a vital role in shaping the geography of our planet, providing nutrients, habitats and transport for people, plants and animals, and also supplying us with energy to power machinery and generate electricity. Rivers really are our most precious resource.


Next week is half term! Please encourage your children to continue to read through the holidays. 

Our first day back is 1st November 2022.