Week beginning 14th November

Rowan Class have been hard at work this week across all subjects!

In Literacy, we have been using evidence from the text to answer inference style questions. This means using what the text tells us as well as our own experience to come to conclusions. Our writing task this week, was to write the next few stanza's in the Highway Man. To do this, we learnt how to use apostrophe's to indicate omission and possession as well as how to use colons and semi colons to separate clauses. We then applied this punctuation in our writing. 

Both Year 5 and 6 have been working on fractions this week! Year 5 were identifying equivalent fractions using their multiplication knowledge to help them; whereas, Year 6 were multiplying fractions -first by whole numbers then by other fractions. We found this a lot easier thanks to our knowledge of addition and subtraction of fractions from last week.

In Geography, we are looking at how the human features of the River Medway have changed over time. We thought about how the river is used now compared to in the past. We discovered that in the past, the Medway was used to transport goods to markets/factories whereas now it is used more for recreation and travel. 

Our PSHE lesson this week was about how we can take responsibility for our health. We all identified things we can do to improve our: diet, sleep, dental hygiene and level of exercise. We then discussed how some of these can link to our mental health. Ask your child what goals they set to improve their health.


PE kit should be: team coloured top (school logo or unbranded),unbranded black joggers and unbranded hooded jacket. If your child is not appropriately dressed they will be sent home with a letter.

If your child goes to forest school, they should wear their PE kit or uniform to school and bring clothes to change into. 

Next Friday (25th November), we will be walking into town to sing Christmas songs in Fremlin Walk. This is to raise money for Demelza House. We will be leaving at 10am and if you are free to help us or come and watch us, we would appreciate the support and any donations you can spare.