Week beginning 13th March

Another busy week in Rowan Class with lots of amazing learning taking place. Year 5 have been learning about the relationship between decimals and percentages in Maths; whereas, Year 6 have been working on their understanding of area and perimeter. We have been exploring how to calculate the area of compound shapes and triangles. We also covered a few arithmetic strategies to support us with our fractions, decimal and the four operations.

In Design Technology, we created mechanisms using pivots to make an arm for our Mars Rover design. In Science, we have been understanding how the Earth rotating provides us with day and night. We have also linked our Art work to our Space Explorers topic and started to consider the different techniques we will use to make a nebula. 

In Literacy, we have continued to read Cosmic and find out about the adventures of Liam and Florida who are training to go into space without their parents knowledge. We read about the inflatable space suits and were able to imagine how funny it would look by using Miss Briggs' World Book Day outfit. We finished our diary entries in role as Liam; role-played and wrote a conversation between Liam and his Mum; and we described the Infinity Dome where the children and their dads went on a ride that went so fast they experienced 10G-force!