Term 4 week 6

Hello :) 

We have had an amazing term this term and have produced some outstanding pieces of learning!


In literacy this week we have been writing recounts about our recent trip to Maidstone Museum. I have been amazed by all the learning Oak Class have used in their writing including correct punctuation, expanded noun phrases and a variety of different conjunctions. 

The children really enjoying writing their recounts and had a lengthy conversation about how a recount is written in chronological order. They successfully made links between their use of chronological order in their writing to when they have used it in other subjects such as maths, reading and history. 


Oak Class have won the TT Rockstars trophy every week this term! I am so proud of them and it has a real impact on their learning in the classroom. 

This week we have finished our learning of different units of measure. Oak Class have looked at measuring temperature this week, how to read a scale and how temperature is something that they will use in their everyday life. 


  • This week in geography, Oak Class compared Maidstone to an non-European country (Egypt), looking at similarities between the two areas and differences. The children were able to use their knowledge of human and physical geography to help them make these comparisons and were able to use previously learned information to explain why they think there are differences in climate. 
  • In R.E. we visited a local church to learn about the Easter story. On our trip, we completed workshops to be able to recount the story from the Christian sacred text and were able to make links to our everyday lives. 
  • On Friday, we explored the Holi Festival and tailored our learning in all subjects to find out as much about the Hindu festival as possible. Children in Oak Class came to school dressed in brightly coloured clothes in order to celebrate this festival of colour!  


During the 2 week holiday, please ensure that you keep up the following: 

  1. TT Rockstars 
  2. Spelling Shed 
  3. Oxford Owl/Fiction Express 
  4. reading other things e.g. recipes, shopping lists, magazines, newspapers, comics, signs when walking around. 

These skills are vital so please ensure that you are consistently keeping up with them. 

Have a lovely and well deserved break and see you on the 17th April 2023 :)