Weekly Review 31st March

Well done Maple children for a fantastic Term 4!

The children have enjoyed their last week of term. In Literacy this week, they finished their narrative story, based on our focus text ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine.’ All children showed stamina and resilience with their writing, using several literary devices including adjectives, similes, expanded noun phrases and time adverbials. I am looking forward to reading their stories over the Easter break.  Maple children finished the week by looking at colours from Dulux paint charts and creating new names for the colours. The names they created were amazing, especially as many were using alliteration, for example ‘crystallised crimson.’  They then used these colours to include within their own acrostic poem based on the Holi Festival celebrations.

Year 4 mathematicians have used their knowledge of fractions to apply to learning about decimals. Children have used a place value grid to show that they understand the value of tenths and hundredths and have used retrieval practice to prove what happens to digits when multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000. Year 3 mathematicians have investigated the relationship between millilitres and litres, comparing the difference between volumes.

For their Science learning this week, children evaluated an experiment from last week in which they predicted if the following liquids would freeze: water, milk, oil, vinegar and honey. They looked at the liquids that had been in the freezer for a week and concluded that the oil and honey had not frozen. The children were able to explain their findings by concluding that oil and honey have more particles in, which make them more of a solid substance. Some children also explained that oil would not freeze in a car engine.

The highlight of the week in Maple Class was on Thursday, when the children made their smoothies! They chose which ingredients to include, prepared the fruit, made the smoothie and enjoyed drinking it – they even gave me and Miss Harris some too, for which we were very grateful! We tasted all the different smoothies – they all tasted delicious!


Swimming will resume, as usual, on Mondays next term. Please remember to bring your swimming kit into school on the first Monday of term.

P.E. will be on a Tuesday in Term 5. Please ensure children are wearing the correct P.E. kit, as stated in our uniform policy.

We hope that you all have an enjoyable and relaxing Easter break and look forward to welcoming the children back refreshed and eager to learn for Term 5!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris