Weekly Review 20th January

The weeks are whizzing by this term!

For our Literacy learning this week, we have been using our knowledge of the text from ‘Iron Man’ to create a story board, using images in a sequential order. We have then used our storyboard to create our very own news report, using iMovie. In groups, we discussed and agreed our roles and produced a ‘Park Way News Report’ about the mystery of an ‘Iron Man’ causing chaos! Our videos will be available to see on our private YouTube channel next week.

Year 4 mathematicians have used their times tables knowledge to solve 2 by 1 digit multiplications and applied this to word and problem solving questions to prove their understanding. They have also practiced their times tables on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars.’ All children (including Year 3) have log-in details so that they can practice on TTRS at home – I would encourage all children to practice please, as this knowledge relates to all Maths learning and helps to give children confidence and accuracy with their Maths learning. Year 3 mathematicians have learnt to divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number using their knowledge of place value and partitioning to help them find the answer.

We have continued with our Topic learning about ‘what impact the Romans had on Britain’ this week - children had fun constructing their own Roman road! They watched a video clip of how the Romans constructed a road with different layers. They then used this knowledge to put into practice, by layering their own road. Firstly, they used a base layer and placed large stones along opposite sides to establish a parallel line for a kerb. They then filled the gap in with bigger stones, then filled gaps with smaller stones, distributed sand over the stones, packed it down and then smoothed it over with clay. At each point of constructing their layers, the children ran a toy car over it, to see how smoothly the car could move over each surface. They concluded that it must have been very difficult to move a Roman cart over stones! The next day, when the clay was set, the children were able to move the car much more easily over the smooth top layer of clay.

In Science this week, children have been learning about the terms ‘conductor’ and ‘insulator’ and experimented with placing different conductors and insulators into a circuit to see what would happen and explain why. Children have explained to me why a bulb in a circuit would light and what would prevent it from lighting up. They have learnt about the positive and negative terminals of a battery and how the position of a battery in a battery pack effects the flow of the circuit.

Our PE learning this term is ‘netball’ – this week the children learnt and practiced the skill of three different netball passes – bounce, overhead and chest passing. They applied these skills to a game, where communication and anticipation were also learnt and practiced.

Reminders:  Our PE lessons for this term are on a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct PE kit from next week. I have spoken to them about this.  All children should wear their coloured PE t-shirt and black shorts, black leggings or tracksuit bottoms and a black tracksuit top. No other colours should be worn, however, children can wear their school jumper instead of a tracksuit top. No logos/brands on PE kits please.

Swimming is on a Monday – your child is expected to attend as this is a lesson.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris