Weekly Review 18th November

It’s been another busy week of learning in Maple Class!

This week in Literacy, we used persuasive language to create a poster to urge people to consider the dangers of deforestation of the Daintree rainforest. Our posters are up on display in our classroom – we are very proud of our learning. We have also demonstrated our knowledge of persuasive language by writing a letter to the Australian Prime Minister, asking him to consider our concerns about deforestation. We have learnt about the structure of a formal letter and how to use paragraphs to make a different point.

In Maths this week, Year 4 children have been learning how to use the 7 times table to calculate word problems involving multiplication and division. They have also learnt about square numbers and even explained these to Year 3 children! For their Maths learning this week, Year 3 children have been counting in multiples of 50, comparing and ordering numbers up to 1,000 and using 4 times table knowledge to solve calculations.

Our Science learning this week has focused on classifying living things into groups and sorting them according to specific features (such as: does it have gills or lungs?). We have linked our Science learning with our Art learning this week; children have been looking again at the artist Michelle Reader. They have researched different animal sculptures she created and have discussed what materials they could have been made from. The children then designed their own animal, identifying its features (such as: fin, tail, teeth, gills, eyes) and will create the animal using recycled materials in our Art lesson next week. Please could we ask children to bring in any recycled materials that they could use for their own model, or to help a friend?

Maple Class ended the week with PE – our focus this term is on gymnastics. This week, children were learning to explore different ways of travelling on and around apparatus using different parts of the body and understanding about weight transference. The children also improved their ukulele skills with Mrs Ord and of course wore non-uniform to support ‘Children in Need’ generously – thank you very much for kind donations.

• Swimming is on Monday afternoon – remember to bring your swimming kit please and to remember that you have everything you need in the bag!
• Please remember to bring in any recycled materials such as: milk bottle tops, foil, crisp packets, card, cardboard, plastic bottles, buttons, straws. Many thanks for your support with this.
Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris