Weekly Review 11th November

It has been another busy week in Maple Class! 

I am very impressed with the progress every child is making with their swimming! I have seen an improvement in all the children; their confidence is growing and they enjoy their swimming sessions.

Our Literacy learning this week has focused on persuasive language and how this can be used both orally and within writing. Children learnt about the dangers of deforestation and the impact this has not only on the local environment but the whole planet too. Imperative (bossy) verbs were used within a class debate. The children listened respectfully to each other, taking it in turns to speak, using language such as “I understand your point of view but have you considered……”

Our Year 4 mathematicians have been using their secure 3 times table knowledge to double these facts to help them become more secure with their 6 times table. They also designed their own ‘zoo’ with a specific area and different sized enclosures they had to create, demonstrating their understanding of area. Year 3 mathematicians have been learning how to add and subtract numbers mentally. They have also been learning how to recall division and multiplication facts for the 4 times table, using this knowledge to help them double facts for the 8 times table.

In Topic this week, children have learnt about the features of a river, understanding key words such as: source, mouth and confluence. They showed me their understanding by drawing a picture of a river and labelling it – they look amazing! 

Our Science learning has continued to look at classification of animals – children have considered whether animals are vertebrates or invertebrates and sorted animals into groups. They also created a poster with clues on a flap for example: ‘my living thing is warm-blooded, gives birth to live young, breathes with lungs, has fur and is a common pet. What is it?’   They then drew a picture of a cat underneath the flap and played a quiz game with their friends to see if they could guess the correct living thing based on the clues.

We are looking forward to another great week of learning in Maple Class next week!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris