9th September Weekly Review

We are very proud of all the children in Maple Class who have settled into their new year very well this week!   

Our Literacy focus text this term is ‘Stig of the Dump’ - children have focused this week on expanded noun phrases. They have taken a simple noun, such as ‘cave’ and used adjectives and prepositions to expand the noun so that it gives more information. We have also role-played a scene with different characters.  

We have used ‘Stig of the Dump’ as a focus for our Art learning this week too – we collected materials that Stone Age people would have used, such as sticks, leaves and rocks to create our own artwork. We have linked our Art learning with History learning by considering what materials would have been available in the Stone Age and comparing these to modern-day materials.  

For reading, we have looked at how we can predict what might happen next in a story, based on either evidence from a text or a picture. Children have considered how a character might be feeling by the look on their face or their body language.  

In Numeracy, we have been looking at place value and what partitioning means. Children have shown, using resources and then writing their learning in their book, that a three-digit number can be split into hundreds, tens and ones.  

We have also had fun with team-building games outside which has helped the class bond and settle.  

PE this term will be on a Tuesday afternoon. Children should come in to school wearing their PE kit. We are liaising with Mote Park Leisure Centre with our swimming times. Once our time is confirmed, you will be notified.  

Enjoy your weekend! 

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris