9th December Weekly Review

This week, Maple Class have been busy preparing to write a diary entry, so during Literacy, they have learnt how to structure a diary including: paragraphs around a theme, chronological order of events, first person, past tense, descriptive vocabulary and detailing emotions. Children have learnt how to explain a particular emotion to the reader. For example, rather than simply saying ‘I felt scared’ they have created sentences such as, ‘my eyes were open as wide as tennis balls.’

Year 4 mathematicians have been learning how to solve addition problems in context. They have learnt what the term budget means and have managed a set budget to compare and add different prices together to plan a party. Year 3 have been learning to add numbers up to 3 digits using a formal written method. They have also been learning to add and subtract numbers mentally and estimate the answer to a calculation.

In their Topic learning this week, the children have created a podcast persuading Mr Bowles to visit the Amazon rainforest. They have used their prior knowledge of the rainforest, including: climate, location, species, habitats, land use and tourism within the Amazon to create a fact-filled podcast! For their PSHE learning, children learnt the difference between a ‘want’ and a ‘need,’ identifying their own examples and discussing their own opinions.

Of course, Thursday was the highlight of the week! The children thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Hazlitt Theatre to watch ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ They behaved impeccably and even managed to walk all the way there and back and still enjoy the disco in the evening!

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris