7th October Weekly Review

The children should feel very proud of their learning in Maple Class this week! 

This week, our Year 4 and Year 3 children have paired up for their Maths learning. Together, they have solved some ‘word problems’ involving Maths calculations. They have understood how to look at the important information contained in a Maths word problem and worked out what calculation they have to do to solve the problem. They have discussed the problem together, used resources to help them, drawn the problem out visually and demonstrated their understanding of the problem by writing the calculation and how they reached the answer.  

In Literacy, children have learnt about the features of a biography and understand why facts need to be presented in chronological order. They have researched a famous person and used their knowledge of sub-headings and paragraphs to create a fact-filled biography. Some of them will be displayed on our classroom wall! 

For PSHE this week, children have been learning about friendship and bullying. They have discussed and considered what makes a friend and have also learnt about the definition of a bully as there were some misconceptions in the class. All children know that they should tell an adult if they feel they are being bullied, or if they see someone else bullying or being bullied.  

In P.E. children worked in pairs again to use their orienteering skills to navigate instructions given. In Music, the children have enjoyed improving their Ukulele skills with Mrs Ord. 

Children have looked at different examples of cave art paintings and have created their own, using a variety of resources such as oil pastels, wax crayons and charcoal on sandpaper, to replicate a cave background material. The children have also used their mixing skills to produce different colour paints to finish their teeth models made from clay. They could tell me which teeth were incisors, canines, pre-molars and molars.  


  • Parents Evening – apologies for the initial problem you may have experienced trying to book an appointment. This has now been rectified. Please note that there is an error on the system: both appointments are on-line (virtual), despite the fact that Thursday 20th October appointments are displayed as ‘in person.’ 
  • Maple Class have swimming on Monday – please remember swimming kit! Children are to be picked up from school at 3.15pm. 
  • I hope your child is enjoying their ‘Ready Steady Read’ sponsorship challenge! I look forward to seeing how much they’ve read! 

Have a good weekend! 

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris