30th September Weekly Review

Another week of fantastic learning has taken place in Maple Class this week!

Year 4 mathematicians have learnt to understand and write Roman numerals up to 100. They have also learnt and explained how to round a number to the nearest 10 and will be building on this knowledge to round to the nearest 100 and 1000 next week. Year 3 have learnt how to add and subtract a two digit number from a three digit number, applying their mental addition and subtraction skills to help them, using a written method to check their answer.

In Literacy, we have spent most of the week learning about complex and compound sentences and the difference between a main clause and a subordinate clause. Children have been using a subordinating conjunction to join a main clause with a subordinate clause to make a ‘complex sentence.’ They learnt how ‘I SAW A WABUB’ helps them to remember subordinating conjunctions! To make a compound sentence, children have used a co-ordinating conjunction to join two independent clauses together. They used the acronym ‘FANBOYS’ to remember co-ordinating conjunctions. Ask your child if they can explain this to you! We will be revisiting this as the weeks progress, just to ensure the children have understood and can apply their new learnt knowledge in context.

In Topic, children have researched facts about The Stone Age settlement, Skara Brae in preparation for next week when they will create an information leaflet. Children have also learnt about the key changes in trade and transport from The Stone Age to The Iron Age. In Science, children have learnt the four types of teeth and can explain their different function. They learnt a clever way to learn how to remember ‘incisor’ teeth using scissors! To prove that they knew the different teeth types, two days later, children made a clay model of the mouth and were able to confidently explain to me the different types of teeth and their purpose.

In P.E. children worked in pairs to use their orienteering skills to navigate instructions given. This week, the children used their knowledge of North, East, South and West to help them achieve their tasks.

The children ended the week improving their Ukulele skills and making Rice Krispie cakes as our contribution to the MacMillan coffee morning. They used their Maths knowledge to look at the ingredients, quantities needed and how they could be shared equally by weighing.  They had great fun making and decorating the cakes together!


  • Maple Class have swimming on Monday – please remember swimming kit! Children are to be picked up from school at 3.15pm.
  • I hope your child is enjoying their ‘Ready Steady Read’ sponsorship challenge! I look forward to seeing how much they’ve read!

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris