2nd December Weekly Review

We are heading towards the end of term quickly but thankfully, Maple Class children are still focusing on their learning!

This week in Literacy children have been learning about how to use a comma correctly within a list. For example, they have written a sentence to show where the commas are used and where ‘and’ is used:  For my lunch, I had an apple, some crisps, a carton of juice and a ham sandwich.  Children also learnt how commas are used within a subordinate clause, to add more information to the main clause. For example: Mr Jones, our grumpy neighbour with a ferocious dog, shouted at us as we crossed the road.  Children learnt that ‘Mr Jones shouted at us as we crossed the road’ makes sense on its own; however, the added information forms the subordinate clause but does not make sense on its own.  Children have also learnt about the structure of a debate and the difference between a fact and an opinion. They have used this skill to prepare an argument for or against keeping animals in a zoo. These arguments were then put to the test with a live debate in class! The children listened very respectfully to each argument, even if they were on the opposing side which is an important skill to learn.

In Maths this week, Year 4 children have learnt what ‘commutative’ means, proving that three numbers multiplied together have the same answer. They have also been multiplying and dividing by 1 and 0 – this proved trickier than they thought it would be, especially when applied to word problems.  Year 3 have been learning to recall and use division facts for the four times table and have learnt how to use a powerful tool to add and subtract numbers on a number line – their brain!

In our Science learning this week, children have been learning about how an environment changes and the impact of these on living things. For example, they discussed the impact that polluted water and deforestation would have on the environment. Children also thought about the changes that they have seen in their local environment such as housing development, road layout changes and even a tree being chopped down in our school grounds. They discussed the impact that these changes would have on living things and the environment.

The children are feeling very proud of themselves as they have finished creating their animal! They designed an animal two weeks ago, started constructing it last week and they added materials and improved their design this week. Children have assessed how they feel about their design and construction and if anything could have been improved. They also considered and reflected on what they had learnt from this process and how this would help them for future projects.

On Tuesday 6th December, you are very welcome to come into Maple Class where I will be explaining how we teach phonics and reading at Park Way and how you can help support your child with their reading at home. There will be two sessions: one from 15.30-15.45 and the second from 15.45-16.00. I look forward to seeing you then and hope that you will be able to attend.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris