25th November Weekly Review

It’s hard to believe that we are heading towards December already!

This week, our Year 4 Mathematicians have been learning how to apply their knowledge of the 9,11 and 12 times tables to calculate multiplication and division problems, including word problems. They have learnt tricks and rhymes to help reinforce their learning of times tables. Year 4 and Year 3 children also spent some time logging on to ‘Times Tables Rock Stars.’  Their log-in details are in their Reading Record – please encourage your child to log on at home to practice their times tables. TTRS is a great way to improve accurate recall and speed of times tables. This is particularly important for Year 4 children as they have a Multiplication Check before they leave Year 4.

Year 3 Mathematicians have been learning to apply their knowledge of the 3,4 and 8 times table in calculations and learning how to use ‘RUCSAC’ for problem solving: how to Read the question, Understand what they need to find out, Choose the correct method of calculation, Solve the problem, Answer the problem and Check their answer.

In our literacy learning this week, children learnt how to recognise and use alliteration and rhetorical questions within their writing. They also learnt how to summarise effectively, focusing on what to include in a summary of a narrative, understanding that it is not a re-telling of the story but identification of the key points to summarise in their own words. They summarised our focus text ‘Where the Forest Meets the Sea’ and are prepared to address a group next week to read their summary out loud. The children are learning about the skills required to speak out loud, such as pace, volume and tone.

In our Topic learning, children researched and created their own ‘Amazon Rainforest Fact File’ explaining key facts about the Amazon including: location, climate, average rainfall and temperature and animal species. This learning linked with our Science learning in which children applied their knowledge of classification of living things to create questions for a branching task.

Last week, for their Art learning, the children designed an animal that they would like to create using recycled materials.  This week, they enjoyed constructing different parts of the animal they designed using a variety of materials – they will conclude this learning next week. The classroom was a hive of activity – the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and helped each other which I was very impressed with.


  • Monday is our swimming day – please ensure you bring in your swimming kit – every week we have to phone a parent as their child has forgotten their bag.
  • Friday is our PE day – children should come into school wearing the correct PE kit please.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris