24th March Weekly Review

We are fast approaching the last week of term already!

For their Literacy learning this week, children have been preparing for their independent ‘Hot Write’ based on our focus text ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine.’ They have carefully planned their character and setting description and explained reasons why they intend to give their nasty medicine to their victim. Children particularly enjoyed the lesson where they had to describe the effects that taking the medicine would have on their victim. They wrote some wonderfully descriptive sentences!

For their Maths learning this week, Year 4 Mathematicians have applied their knowledge of fractions to show they understand how this relates to a decimal. They have shown that they understand the value of tenths on a place value grid. For example, they know that four tenths as a fraction is 0.4 as a decimal. Year 3 Mathematicians have been comparing different masses and have learnt about the difference between capacity and volume. They finished the week using different sized containers to identify the volume of water, in millimetres, within a jug.

The children enjoyed their DT learning this week, in preparation for making smoothies next week. Their task was to explore the different textures and taste of sweet and sour food using bananas, honey, orange juice, apple juice, real lemons and bottled lemon juice. Children also remembered and explained the importance of hygiene when preparing and handling food. There were some very funny looking faces when they sipped a tiny drop of the bottled lemon juice!

For their Science learning this week, children started the lesson recalling facts about the different states of matter. They could confidently explain the difference between the particles within a liquid, solid and gas. Using this knowledge, children then explained their reasoning when predicting whether the following liquids would freeze: oil, water, milk, vinegar and honey. We will look at the results next week and children will record their findings and present a conclusion.

Despite the rain on Wednesday, children still managed to have their P.E. lesson in the hall. Their tennis skills are improving, as they are becoming used to keeping their eye on the ball. This week, children used a tennis net, to introduce the skill of aiming the ball over the net either to their opponent’s forehand or backhand.


Swimming is on next Monday as usual; P.E. is on Wednesday. Please ensure correct P.E. kit is worn on the day.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Chapman