23rd September Weekly Review

We have had another great week of learning in Maple Class!

This week, in Literacy, we have been learning about features of a newspaper report. If you have a newspaper, speak to your child about what features they can identify such as: name of newspaper, headline, sub-heading, paragraphs, columns, picture and caption. We have learnt about using third person for reporting and how this differs to using first or second person.

Year 4 Maths have been showing their greater understanding of place value with numbers up to 10,000. Children have identified missing intervals on a number line and working out how to establish the value of a missing interval. Children have also calculated numbers up to 1,000 more or less than a number up to 10,000. Year 3 have been learning about place value up to 1,000 and have been looking at ‘flexible partitioning,’ understanding that there may be more than one way to partition a number.

For our Topic learning, we have learnt about how Stone Age people used their land and how this compares to our Modern Day use of land. Children have learnt about agricultural changes since the Stone Age and have started to think about how transport has developed since that time.

In Science, children have been learning about what ‘nutrition’ is and comparing what we eat today to a diet from the Stone Age. Children have been fascinated to appreciate that actually, there are several similarities including: fish, berries, meat and grains.

In P.E. children worked in groups to listen to an adult’s instructions to successfully complete a task outdoors. One task involved keeping a ball up in the air between four children; the key was to communicate to each other and use anticipation skills.

Reminder – Maple Class are swimming on Monday at Mote Park Leisure Centre. Please collect your child from school at the usual time of 3.15pm – not from the Leisure Centre as we will walk back to school from there. The children are very excited to be going swimming!

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris