21st April Weekly Review

It seems hard to believe that we are already at the end of Term 5, Week 1! The children have returned to school refreshed and eager to learn, following the Easter break.

In Literacy this week, children have learnt about the features of a non-chronological report. They researched carnivorous plants to create a fact-file, using formal language. Using this information, they have applied their learning of paragraphs and different tenses to write their own introductory paragraphs about carnivorous plants.

In Maths, Year 4 have learnt about how one whole can be made with a different amount of tenths and hundredths. Year 3 have learnt how to add and subtract fractions. Both Year 4 and Year 3 have used all four operations to solve word problems. They have also had the opportunity to practice their times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars. Please continue to practice TTRS at home as it really does help with accuracy and speed of recall.

For Science learning this term, we are considering the different functions of a plant. For example, children can explain that the stamen is the male part of a flowering plant, consisting of the filament and the anther. Children handled and looked closely at a viola flower to identify the different parts and explain each function. They have planted flowers in a planter outside our classroom and they could explain to me that the flowers need light and water in order to survive. We have had plenty of rain this week, so they should survive! The children will continue to observe and look after our flowers over the coming weeks.

For P.E. this term, our focus is learning the skills of rounders. This week, children practised the skill of accurately aiming a ball at a target. They also demonstrated the skill of receiving a ball from another fielder, by positioning their body in a specific way.

In R.E. this week, children considered and discussed ‘The Golden Rule’ and how this is similar in all religions. Children have learnt that ‘The Golden Rule’ is: ‘treat others as you would like to be treated.’ They then thought about how someone else had not shown ‘The Golden Rule’ giving an example. Finally, children gave an example of how they had followed ‘The Golden Rule’ themselves.

Maple children have also enjoyed their first lesson of Spanish this term based on learning about the different seasons, linking with our Science and Geography learning this term.

Times Table Rock Stars News!

The TTRS Champion who played for the most time over the Easter break is – Lainey!

The TTRS Champion who played for the most days over the Easter break is – George!


Swimming is on Monday as usual – please remember to bring swimming kit into school on Monday morning.

Our P.E. learning is on a Tuesday this term. Please ensure children are wearing correct P.E. kit.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris