19th May Weekly Review

We have enjoyed another successful week of learning in Maple Class this week!

Our Literacy focus has been on our Hot Write. Children have demonstrated that they can apply all their knowledge of features of a non-chronological report within their writing. They have achieved their learning objective by structuring the report into paragraphs with formal, factual language using sub-headings. They also included a labelled diagram, a picture, captions and a summary.

Year 3 Mathematicians have continued to use their knowledge of part-whole models to calculate money problems and have been comparing amounts of money. Year 4 have used their knowledge of decimals to calculate money problems and have also been learning how to round decimals to the nearest whole number.

For Science this week, we observed changes to the celery that we had placed in coloured water. Children predicted that the water would be sucked up into the xylem tubes. They were right! We could clearly see that the coloured water had travelled up the xylem tubes through a process called ‘capillary action.’

Year 3 enjoyed their trip to Brogdale Farm on Wednesday! They learnt that the farm has over 2,000 species of apples and how bees play a vital part in the pollination process. They participated in a ‘bug hunt’ using nets and looked through microscopes to identify different pond life. Of course, they all enjoyed the tractor ride too!  Year 4 have their trip to look forward to next Wednesday!


Swimming is on Monday as usual – please remember to bring swimming kit into school.

Tuesday is our P.E. day – please come to school wearing correct P.E. kit.

On Thursday morning, we will be walking to Mote Park as part of our Geography learning on co-ordinates. Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school for that day.

Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris