17th March Weekly Review

It is hard to believe that we are heading towards Term 5 already!

Thank you to all parents who attended parents’ evening this week. It was good to meet you in person to discuss your child’s progress and to give you the opportunity to view their learning.

Year 4 mathematicians have continued their learning on fractions by adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator.  Year 3 mathematicians have been learning how to measure different amounts of mass and finding equivalent masses in kilograms and grams.

For their Literacy learning this week, Maple Class children have learnt how to use sequential vocabulary within a narrative. They have also learnt about different determiners and the rules applied to suffix endings.

All children completed their section of a Diego Rivera mural painting using Art pencils. They thoroughly enjoyed this activity, participating in a group and ensuring their piece of artwork joined together with the rest of their group's. Next week, the children will paint their section – they are looking forward to this as the artwork will then be completed.

For their RE learning this week, children have learnt about the different commitments that Christians and Jews make to affirm their faith. They have learnt about the importance of Baptism for Christians and Bar Mitzvah for Jewish boys to celebrate the transition to adulthood when they are 13 years old.

Our P.E. lesson continued with learning tennis skills. This week, the children learnt how to anticipate a ball to either the forehand or backhand, learning how to watch the ball and change their stance and grip accordingly.


Swimming is on next Monday as usual; PE is on Wednesday – please ensure correct P.E kit is worn.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris