14th October Weekly Review

This week in Maple Class,  Year 4 children have learnt how to add two 4-digit numbers with more than one ‘exchange,’ using their place value knowledge to help them understand which column the digits are in and what is happening to the numbers during addition. We will be continuing to practice this method so that it becomes more secure.  Year 3 mathematicians have learnt how a part-whole model can help them understand place value in numbers of increasing size.

In Literacy, children have been pretending to be a newspaper reporter, using ‘Stig of the Dump’ as a focus to help with their reports. Children learnt about the features of a newspaper report including: headline, sub-heading, paragraphs, column and caption. They then used an interview with Barney and a reporter to report facts about Barney’s encounter with Stig, using third person and past tense.

In Science, children have used their knowledge of teeth to create a poster about ‘how to keep teeth healthy.’ They have learnt some new facts about fluoride, plaque and cavities and used this knowledge to include in their poster. We are hoping to visit Apple and Pear Classes to teach them about the importance of good oral health! 

For our Topic learning this week, children have compared life in Britain from The Stone Age to The Bronze Age and have learnt about the discovery of bronze and the change in clothing and housing between the ages.

In Art this week, children have enjoyed creating their own ‘Stone Age jewellery’ by making a salt dough, sharing it equally and designing their own jewellery that looks authentic! You may have already heard that our first batch of dough was too sticky, so we had to abandon our task and try again – the next time, we learnt from our mistakes and we made a perfect dough! Maple Class artists have created some amazing designs to replicate teeth, bones and shells. Next week, we will use our creations to make a necklace. We are hoping to be able to show you our finished creations during our Class Assembly on 3rd November!

Our P.E. focus this week was to communicate in pairs, with one child blind-folded. Children had to listen to each other carefully, following verbal and audial sounds (such as clapping).


  • Please note that there is an error on the system: all parent's evening appointments are on-line (virtual), despite the fact that Thursday 20th October appointments are displayed as ‘in person.’
  • Maple Class have swimming on Monday – please remember swimming kit! Children are to be picked up from school at 3.15pm.
  • Ready, Steady Read competition 
  • A huge well done to everyone that has taken part in our Ready, Steady Read competition! Could you please return your sponsorship form and the money collected to Mrs Chapman by Friday 21st October so they can be passed to Miss Beamish - thank you!

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris