10th March Weekly Review

This week has seen another fantastic week of learning in Maple Class!

Year 4 mathematicians have consolidated their learning about equivalent fractions by finding patterns between fractions.  They have also learnt about how to find a fraction of an amount, for example, 1/7 of 21. Year 3 mathematicians have been learning how to find equivalent fractions on a number line and within a bar model.

For their Literacy learning this week, Maple Class children have prepared for a debate. Firstly, they considered both arguments for and against the motion ‘should children be entitled to pocket money?’ Secondly, they considered the language associated with debating, such as: formal language, respect and acknowledging the opposing team’s facts and opinions. Finally, they learnt about the structure of a debate so they were fully prepared for their debate at the end of the week. I was very impressed with the children’s conduct and attitude within the debate. They were very respectful of each other’s argument and enjoyed the debate.

Maple Class enjoyed their Science learning this week as it involved melting chocolate! Children were set the task of finding out the temperature at which various solids melt. They melted butter, chocolate, ice and wax. They also discovered that plastic did not melt in the same way as other solids. They recorded their findings and will use this data to draw a graph next week.

Our P.E. lesson continued with learning tennis skills. This week, the children learnt how to anticipate a ball to their backhand. Children learnt how to prepare their stance, their grip and their aim using their backhand.

For their PSHE learning this week, children have considered their sense of ‘belonging’ within the school, their home and their wider community. We discussed who could help them with their emotions and bigger problems and how they felt they belonged to our school, their family and their community, including club leaders, friends and neighbours.


Parents’ Evenings are on Tuesday and Thursday next week.

Swimming is on next Monday as usual; P.E. is on Wednesday – please ensure correct P.E kit is worn.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Chapman