Term 2 Week 3

Hello Everyone,

We have been super creative this week!

In Maths, we started the week recognising and identifying 2D and 3D shapes. We were smart cookies because we could identify the shapes from the amount of sides/ corners/ edges/ vertices / faces. We then identified objects that either had 2D faces or were 3D shapes (i.e. a cereal box is a cuboid shape). We sorted the shapes into various groups; shapes with 4 sides, 2D and 3D, shapes with more than 3 faces.... VERY BUSY INDEED! It doesn't stop there; we then got super creative, combining paint and potatoes to make patterns from shapes and colour.

In Literacy; we have worked super hard to practice saying something aloud before writing it down. We then put this into practice and retrieved some sentences we orally practiced and wrote them down. We took part in role-play, imagining we were Grandad Orlov the Meerkat on a grand adventure! We talked about our "visit" to Maidstone. We used our knowledge of Maidstone to try and persuade Sunny the Meerkat to come and join us. We used question marks, exclamation marks and full stops to create a range of sentences on our postcards!

Our little scientists are loving learning about animals! We described and compared the structure of a variety of different common animals.

In PE; we got our hearts pumping! We engaging in a fitness circuit to learn about why our hearts beat faster as we do more exercise.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and the Ivy Team will see you Monday! :)

Ivy Class assembly is just after 9:00am on Friday 25th November - come and see what your children have been learning :)
Home learning has been set on Teams.
Please put names in jumpers, cardigans and fleeces!
PE is on a Monday for Term 2.

The weather is getting chillier, please do send your child into school with a coat to wear at playtimes and lunchtimes