Victorian Day (Week 5)

Victorian Day


*Photos below*


In the morning, the children came into the classroom to discover that our SMART board and whiteboard were now chalkboards! We then had the register taken where Miss Muddassir referred to the children by their surnames. The children also had to stand up every time they answered.  We talked about how the Victorian children would have greeted their teachers by calling them either Sir or Madam and that the boys would tip their hats to greet them. 

After this, we had a drill.  The children really enjoyed this. Victorians believed these simple exercises would have helped children stay fit, healthy and improve their concentration.  We talked about the 3 Rs (Reading, WRIting and ARithmetic).  These lessons were taught by rote, with the children repeating sentences after the teacher.  Before we moved onto Writing, we were introduced to the phrase CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS. The children had a nail inspection and then experienced writing using chalk.  Before lunchtime, the children got to taste some Victorian gruel - we weren't fans of this! 

In the afternoon, the boys and girls were separated. The boys learnt the anatomy of a robin in Science and then took part in a Victorian style exercise lesson. The girls were taught how to sew and we used this skill to sew our own peg dolls.

It was a day thoroughly enjoyed by all but we will glad to be back to normal lessons on Monday!