Week 3

This week we have been looking at the features of a newspaper and linking our learning about Stig of the Dump to why the newspapers would be interested if a Stone Age man was found alive today. We have looked at writing in the 3rd person, and how to use subtitles and headlines to organise information and grab attention. 

In Maths we have continued to look at Number. Year 4 have looked at numbers up to 10,000 and how these can be partitioned and represented in different ways. Year 3 have been looking at ordering numbers to 100, and how to use their knowledge of place value to help with this. 

In our topic we have looked at the lives of the earliest Stone Age humans and what they would have eaten, and how their lives were lived. We also looked at the physical changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the modern day, and begun to look at settlements and how they have changed. 

The children loved their first swimming session, and they all got straight in and had a go no matter their confidence level. Please ensure children are coming to school with warm coats and hats to take swimming as the weather may be colder in the coming weeks. 

We hope you had a lovely weekend.