Week ending Friday 7th October 2022

Good afternoon parents, it's Friday again which means BLOG time!!

As you can see from the pictures attached, we had a successful trip down into town this week at Wagamamas restaurant! The children enjoyed the opportunity to try some Asian cuisine and to use chopsticks! I had to decline (the food!) as it was too early for noodles but the children all tucked in heartedly! Behaviour was excellent, both on the walk to and from from the restaurant and inside Wagamama's itself. 

We are so close to completing our excellent class text 'Goodnight Mr Tom'! We investigated dialogue and the use of inverted commas (speech marks) this week and the children had a successful drama session yesterday morning in the sun, taking ownership over a scene from the story.

Both Year 5 and 6 looked at addition this week, in particular formal written methods and problem solving. Year 6 also looked at subtraction, which Year 5 will move onto next week.

In history/geography a lesson was taught linked to 'old' Maidstone and the Anglo-Saxon 'invasion' from 1500 years ago. We looked at both push and pull factors that encouraged people many years ago to sail across the seas from their homes to start a new life in Kent. This lesson fits in nicely with our trip to the British Museum in two weeks time, as there is a section completely dedicated to the Anglo-Saxons, including very old and valuable artefacts.

Have a great weekend

Mr Ramsden