Week ending Friday 4th November 2022

Good afternoon parents and welcome to our first blog of the new term (one of the best ones, as it includes the run-up to Christmas!!)

We are moving away from story writing and the features of stories (narratives) e.g. speech and inverted commas and have now moved on to performance poetry. We are looking at a fantastic poem titled 'The Highway Man'. Themes will include love, rage, grief, among others and it is a great example for the children to read out aloud and to practise their volume, intonation and tone. The pictures below are the class practising the first part of the poem.

In Numeracy, Year 5 looked at prime numbers, square and cube numbers whilst Year 6 looked at multiples and factors. We are both moving onto fractions very soon, and a big reminder for all children to practise their times tables, which are crucial for their understanding of fractions.

In PE, we had an outside PE coach come to use Thursday afternoon and completed a fitness session. We concentrated on balances yesterday and I have some photos that I will upload next week to showcase the class' talents on the mats! 

Our new topic is 'Go with the Flow' and is linked heavily towards the concept of rivers, how and why they are used, their location around the UK, Europe and the World and the effects of flooding and measures put into place to compact their destructive nature - we had a great classroom discussion about the topic in general and I was pleased with their understanding from previous years' learning.

Home learning is on Teams, plus an assignment on 'Spelling Shed' that you will be to access when you log on!

Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday

Mr Ramsden and Mrs Ashford