Week Ending Friday 2nd December 2022

December is here, I cannot believe it. 5 weeks completed, only two left for Term 2 to come to an end. 

This week, we spent some time OUT of the classroom, whether it be performance poetry during a Literacy lesson, racing around the playground engaged in a tag-rugby session or having a morning 'out' on Thursday, walking down to town and along the river in the glorious sunshine to investigate the bridges of Maidstone!!

In Literacy we looked at a great poem called 'From A Railway Carriage' written 150 years ago by the author of 'Treasure Island' . It details a journey along the tracks taken by a child and what is seen out of the window. The children had a chance to perform this poem in a variety of ways and then re-write some of the stanzas, putting a more modern twist on what is seen from a railway window.

In topic we investigated the River Medway, its source and tributaries and how the use of rivers has changed overtime. This helped us understand the human and physical geography on and around the river when we walked down yesterday morning, aided significantly by Mr Bowles and his local knowledge! 

In Numeracy both year groups again looked at fractions, Year 6 investigated 'fractions of amounts' whilst Year 5 concentrated on ordering fractions both less than and more than 1. 

Have a great weekend everyone, don't forget home learning is on Teams

Mr Ramsden & Mrs Ashford