Week ending Friday 25th November 2022

Good afternoon parents and carers

We are (unbelievably) now halfway through the second part of the Autumn term!! Only three weeks remaining until we break up for our Christmas holidays!

In Literacy, we looked at a new poem called 'The Raven.' It was written nearly 200 years ago and featured some old-fashioned, unfamiliar language which we used dictionaries to clarify meaning. Some of the themes of the poem were very similar to that of 'The Highway Man' and we had an enjoyable lesson comparing and contrasting the two. Later in the week we used the iPads to film each other read stanzas of the actual text and used iMovie to present our performances in a range of ways. 

In Numeracy Year 5 looked again at fractions, moving towards fractions greater than 1 (both improper fractions and mixed numbers) along with reasoning and word problems associated with both. In Year 6 they investigated multiplying and dividing whole numbers by fractions.

In Science we continued our learning looking at classification keys and we spent time looking at various trees on the school field and the leaves they produce. We turned artists on Friday afternoon, using art pencils and different techniques to complete botanical sketches of leaves! 

Earlier on Friday morning, all of Year 5 and 6 walked down to Fremlin Walk to perform 9 Christmas Carols in front of parents, relatives and shoppers! The children sang well, behaviour was good and as you can see from the photos below, the turnout showed great support for the childrens' performance.