Week ending Friday 20th January 2023

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our latest Cherry Class blog!

This morning was slightly different, as the children gave their termly assembly to both the two other Year 5/6 classes and parents. I was so impressed with their effort, they all, without fail, read clearly and in the correct order - special mention must be given to Lexie in her role as the 'Demon Headmaster,' also the five Vikings we had in front of everyone and the three Year 6 girls, who gave a very succinct representation of ratio!

In Literacy, the children had the opportunity to 'get into' the opening chapters of the 'Demon Headmaster' and we found out a little about the main character. Later in the week the children wrote letters in role as the Demon Headmaster, and they were given licence to be a little angry in their letter!

Year 5 have concentrated on division this week and similarly to last week's learning linked to multiplication, where the children made great strides across the week, the children have done the same with their understanding of division, in particular written methods and problem-solving.

As you can see below from the photo evidence, we looked at electricity this week in the classroom and had a chance to make various circuits with the components available. This is leading up to the children creating their own 3D art installations, using light and sound!

Have a great weekend everyone, well done again for this morning's assembly.


Mr Ramsden & Mrs Ashford