Week ending Friday 14th October

Penultimate week this week has gone in a flash!! Busy busy busy as ever.

In Literacy, we planned for our long extended write linked to our class text 'Goodnight Mr Tom' The children had a good session to bring together everything we have looked at this time linked to evacuation and the Blitz and thought about a character and an adventure / journey that they could experience. We started the actual written learning this week and will complete it at the start of next week!

In Numeracy, Year 5 investigated written methods for subtraction and linked this to problem solving activities. Year 6 looked at long multiplication and will move onto division next week.

In topic, we enjoyed a couple of sessions of history linked to the causes/consequences of the Blitz and the impact it had on people. The children as a whole class were able to participate fully in the discussions due to the prior understanding and inference taken from 'Goodnight Mr Tom'. 

In PSHE we looked again at the concept of 'respect' and how we as individuals expect to be treated by a range of others - see pictures below for a range of their ideas!