Week ending Friday 13th January 2023

A busy and varied week of learning, as you will be able to see for yourselves from the photos below!!

In Literacy, the children from both year groups completed a letter to the Head Teacher (!) asking for a change to take place at Park Way and trying to persuade her to make the change through their well-reasoned and sensible points. I am not sure the Head Teacher will agree to the school being shut on Wednesday's - which was one of the suggestions for change - but it was worth asking!

In Numeracy, Year 6 investigated 'Ratio' and described relationships between groups and then moved onto using fractions to show proportion. Year 5 looked at written methods for multiplication and I was pleased how they progressed so readily and confidently throughout the week to large calculations involving 4 digits x 2 digits.

In RE we used an audio programme called 'Now Press Play' which uses headphones to deliver the learning. We learnt about the 5 Pillars of Islam through drama in the classroom (photos below)

In History we investigated the Vikings and the reasons for their arrival on the shore of Britain over 1000 years ago and the impact it had on the local people and the country in general. This was a lesson that should have been taught in Term 2 but due to the adverse weather it was moved to Term 3.

From the photos also you can see our prowess on the playground doing hockey and the children dancing and having fun in the hall yesterday when a rock band joined us!! 

Have a great weekend everyone, take care

Mr Ramsden