Week Ending Fri 9th December 2022

Good afternoon parents, and welcome to our penultimate blog of 2022!!!

In Literacy this week, the children had the opportunity to put together everything they have been taught and have learnt this term linked to poetry and wrote their own poem about a journey down a river (human or animal!!) using language features such as similes, metaphors and personification.

Year 6 investigated measures this week, in particular converting between metric and imperial units whereas Year 5 spent (another!) week looking at fractions, this time looking at adding proper fractions to improper fractions and mixed numbers together. I have been really pleased to see the progress that the children have made in such a short space of time. We will look again at fractions next term for the first 3 weeks of term in particular.

In topic, we looked at the similarities and differences between the River Thames in the UK and the River Mississippi in America, in particular physical differences. 

In Science we continued to look at 'classification' and looked today at some of the most most peculiar animals and plants that Earth has to offer! 

In DT with Mr Bowles, the children investigated 'bridges' with a lesson leading up to actually designing and building a bridge on the computer next week.

Have a great weekend everyone, stay warm!

Mr Ramsden & Mrs Ashford