Week ending Fri 27th January 2023

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our most recent, up-to-date Cherry Class blog!

It goes without saying that we have been busy, busy busy in the classroom on a range of learning across the subjects. The children seemed to be really enjoying their class text (The Demon Headmaster) and have enjoyed the opportunity to write an informal letter in the first person as one of the characters, using relevant features such as past tense verbs, paragraphs and conjunctions. We also looked today at how an author creates tension and they created a 'tension graph' plotting a particular chapter from the story and how feelings of the characters rose from calm to very tense and beyond!!

In Numeracy, Year 6 continued with their excellent learning linked to algebra, and similar to previous weeks I had a welcome steady stream of Year 6 children visiting our classroom, proud to show me their excellent learning. Year 5 looked at fractions, in particular the multiplication of proper fractions with whole numbers and with mixed numbers also.

In Topic, the children continued with their excellent coding and are putting the systems into place to enable them to represent an animated 3d illumination! 

In RE we investigated Islamic Art and in science we looked at circuits again and how they are affected (both positively and negatively with the addition of batteries/bulbs/ extra and shorter wires etc!

And today we headed onto the playground for an enjoyable hockey session!

Have a great weekend everyone, take care.

Mr Ramsden & Mrs Ashford