Week beginning 15th May

This week has been jam packed with learning in Year 5/6. 

On Tuesday, the Year 6 children had a visit from Francis Osei who spoke to the children about the choices and consequences around crime. The children learnt about restoring respect (one of our values) and how to avoid dangerous situations.  

In Literacy, we have studied the myth of Pandora and her box. The story explains how all the negative things ike death and illness came to be in the world. The children used their mathematical knowledge of 3D shapes and nets to construct their own Pandora's box and then made links to our PSHE topic about caring for one another and the wider world. Once their box was made, they created a modern take on the things that Zeus would have put in the box and that are negatively impacting our world today e.g. global warming, nuclear weapons.

In Maths, Year 5 have been learning to read coordinate grids and use these to reflect and translate shapes. Whereas, Year 6 have been working on a project using their problem solving skills as well as their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division knowledge. They have designed and costed the creation of their own theme park. Using area, they created maps of their park layout; their addition and multiplication knowledge was used to work out how much money they have spent; and then they began to use these numbers to inform how much they would charge for tickets. 

In History, we have researched the impact that the Vikings have had on Britain today. In Art, we finalised our pot designs ready to start creating them with clay. In Science, we have been exploring how we can use the sun's movement across the sky to measure the passage of time. The children have created sundials that we will test when we have some wonderful weather next week. In PE, the children learnt how to read maps and use reference points to identify locations and retrieve information. As well as this, we developed our batting and fielding skills in cricket with the children showing great sportsmanship to their peers.

Next week, Year 5 and 6 will be having a First Aid workshop on Monday to help prepare them if they are in an emergency.