End of Week 3 Term 1 (Friday 23rd Sept)

Welcome parents to our newest blog entry!

Busy, busy, busy at school (as ever) but very enjoyable nevertheless. 

In reading,we looked at the skills behind summarising a text and linked this to our class text 'Good Night Mr Tom', in particular evacuees. We practised this all week and the children have become more confident reading through a text and identifying the key points.

In Literacy we have further explored 'Goodnight Mr Tom' and spent a long time planning, writing and editing a diary entry, written from the point of view of one of the main characters in the story. 

Year 5 concentrated on negative numbers this week with me, whilst Year 6 went to different classes/teachers and learnt about 'rounding' of numbers all the way up to a million and beyond!

Mrs Morris taught the class an interesting lesson linked to the geography and history of Maidstone itself and how and why it has changed and developed over the years.

Yesterday (whilst it was dry!) the class went onto the playground to complete an investigation linked to distance and how far, and why, certain balls would travel using a ramp. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

p.s. just a reminder that there is a meeting about the Year 5/6 residential trip next June to Bewl Water on MONDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER at 6pm for parents to attend and to receive information about the upcoming trip!


Mr Ramsden