Week 5 3.2.23

This week we have been planning and writing our formal letters for our hot write. We had to write in character and write a letter to Eddy Hair trying to persuade him not to come to the school and give reasons as to why. The letters were really persuasive and convincing, but some children struggled to write using formal language. We completed the week by looking at how to use semi colons and spelling patterns as part of our GPS learning.

In maths, Year 5 have been finding fractions of amounts and working out an amount given a known fraction. This has meant the children really need to know their times tables off by heart. Year 6 completed algebra. All children understand an element of algebra, especially when the value of a letter is known. We have moved on to decimal numbers. This week we have established what a decimal number is by looking at their place value and position on number lines. We have gained confidence in rounding them to whole numbers and to 1 or 2 decimal places. Today we added and subtracted whole and decimal numbers by looking at how 0 is used as a place holder and how to layout the numbers using the correct column.

In science, we investigated how to dim a bulb using a pencil. The children were intrigued by this. We have also continued to use Tinkercad to create a lightshow using coding to create sequences.

In RE, we explored how important the Qur'an is to Muslims and completed a quiz about it. In PSHE we discussed how to help someone if they were choking. This lesson led to great discussion about digestion and linked to science, so we will continue this next week.

Remember to go on TTRockstars as much as possible as I am monitoring this every weekend and challenging the class in tournaments.

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Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Rackley