Week 3 20.1.23

This week certainly has been a cold one!!

In Literacy we have started reading and watching The Demon Headmaster. We have been introduced to the 3 main characters and the headmaster. We have been using our formal letter writing skills to write a letter to either the headmaster or Mrs Hunter regarding the school uniform. We have been focusing on how to add parenthesis by using brackets, dashes or commas. The children have produced some great writing and they are really getting into the story.

In Maths, Year 5 have been learning about division. They have been learning to divide up to 4 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. By the end of the week they were learning about division with remainders. Year 6 have been introduced to algebra. We have been looking at function machines and how an input changes to an output depending on the function. This has helped us to move on to looking at algebraic expression. The children are finding it difficult to not know what the letter means and not having a number as an answer. 

In Science we used circuit kits to make a circuit where we had to light a bulb, make a buzzer make a sound and include a switch to turn the light on and off. We also explored how to make the bulb brighter and the buzzer louder.

In RE we continued to look at the Five Pillars of Islam. In PSHE we learnt how we could tell if news online was fake or real. We were amazed at the headlines we read to discover the ones we thought were fake were real and vice versa.

Our focus in PE today and next week is gymnastics.

Mobile Phones and Smart Watches

A lot of children are bringing mobile phones into school. Children should only to bring a mobile phone in if they are walking home by themselves. Some children are wearing smart watches that they received for Christmas. These should not be used during learning time and the children would be best leaving them at home.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Rackley