Term 5 Week 5

Thank you to everyone who came to watch Cedar Class’ assembly. The children have been really enthusiastic with their choices; be it a drama piece, a freeze frame, a video or role play. They had so much enjoyment putting it all together!


In literacy this week, we have been reading Pandora’s Box. We started off the week by writing our predictions as to what we thought was in the box. Then we made a ‘Pandora Box’ and put all the negative energies into it that exist in our world today. We finished the week by writing a diary entry as if we were Pandora and it was the day we opened the box.


In maths, Year 5 have been learning about coordinates. They have been learning how to draw grids and number them and how to plot coordinates. They also solved problems by plotting coordinates to complete shapes. They looked at reflections of shapes - used mirrors to view these, plotted the coordinates and drew the reflection.

Year 6 have been planning a project, based on a theme park, where they have been applying mathematical skills and knowledge.


In science this week we continued to find out about sundials and how they work. Next week the children will make a sundial and investigate how and why it works, considering fair testing.


This week we finalized our learning on Viking invasions.


In RE we explored what Ummah meant and how important it is in the life of Muslims.

P.E. is now every Tuesday afternoon.

There are still some children not wearing the correct PE kit. It must be black shorts/jogging bottoms/leggings with the team colour T shirt. No belly tops should be worn either.

Our activities are OAA and Cricket this term.


Our class champion this week for their time spent on TTRS over the last weekend was…


Who will it be next week?

Francis Osei

This week the Year 6 children had a motivational talk from Francis who talked to the children about the dangers of gangs, anti-social behavior and crime. He spoke about the consequences of any involvement in crime and why making the right choice was key as they leave primary school.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Rackley, Mr Bowles and Mrs Hendry