Term 4 Week 6 31.3.23

What a busy term!!


Year 6 will be sitting their SATs next term. They will start on Tuesday 9th May and will be every morning during that week. Please make sure your child is in school every day that week. Please encourage them to use the school website to revise for maths. Read every day. Go on TT Rockstars and EdShed to practice times tables and spellings.


In literacy this week, we have concluded the story Cosmic. We spent the first part of the week writing predictions about what we thought might happen next and how we thought the story would end. We used role play to act out a telephone conversation between Liam and his dad. We finished the week off by planning and writing a book review for Cosmic deciding how to present it. Some of us chose to create a PPT or made an iMovie.


In maths, Year 5 have continued to explore area and perimeter and solving problems involving this. They also looked at the rule of BODMAS/BIDMAS: brackets, orders (indices), division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. They looked at how to apply the rule by answering calculations.

Year 6 have been learning to interpret pie charts. They have been revisiting the rule of BODMAS/BIDMAS: brackets, orders (indices), division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. They answered calculations applying this rule. They have also been learning how to find the mean.

There is support to learn the BODMAS rule on the school website under Year 6 SATs Revision.


In science this week we have used our knowledge of the Earth and Space to create our own quizzes using Kahoot and Quizshed.


In PSHE we looked at parliament and role of the government in our lives. We discussed the members of parliament and their roles. We discussed issues we would ask a minister to consider and to introduce new laws for. We 'wrote' a letter to a minister asking for them to consider our concerns and issues and we had to justify them with good reasons.


We used our Maths skills to create 3D nets so that we could make our Mars Rovers. We then used our DT skills of making levers to create a robotic arm and then we explored how we would make it move.

Home Learning

Year 5 practice your times tables on TT Rockstars and your spellings on EdShed.

Year 6 you have been given an arithmetic test completed by me. I would like you to go through it and mark it for me. How did I do? There is also maths SATs revision page on the school website. Click under children, there is a page called Year 6 SATs Revision. Please use this valuable tool. Learn the spellings for Year 5 and 6 which are also on the website. 


PE will be on TUESDAY after the Easter break. There are still some children not wearing the correct PE kit. It must be black shorts/jogging bottoms/leggings with the team colour T shirt. No belly tops should be worn either.

Year 5

There will be an opportunity for Year 5 to go to The Climbing Experience next term. Please complete the waiver BEFORE your child goes as they can't experience it, if you do not. Please see the email sent by Miss Hill today. This will tell you when your child is going and has the link for the waiver.

Have a great Easter break.

Mrs Rackley, Mr Bowles and Mrs Hendry